Mumbai fire: Man falls to death from 60-storey building; disturbing visuals go viral


disturbing video of a man falling from Mumbai’s 60-storey Avighna Park building that caught fire on Friday has emerged.

The video shows the man hanging from the railing of a balcony after which he lost his grip and fell down.

The man was identified as Arun Tiwari. The 30-year-old worked as a security guard of the building, PTI reported. He died as he fell from the 19th floor of the building.

”After the fire broke out, Arun Tiwari, a security guard of the building, rushed to the 19th floor. Soon he realised that he was trapped and in order to save himself from the blaze, he kept hanging from the balcony of the flat where the fire had erupted. He precariously clung to the railing of the balcony for several minutes before losing his grip and falling to death,” a fire brigade official was quoted as saying by PTI.