Abducted, converted, married, Hindu girl runs crying to parents as Pak court sent her back to kidnapper

Islamabad: A 15-year-old Hindu girl in Pakistan was allegedly abducted from Fateh Chowk area of Hyderabad, Pakistan

by 4 Muslim men, converted to Islam, and " “married to her abductor”

While the girl was abducted on August 12, the police filed an FIR only on September 17. 

Not only that, the local media has also reportedly remained silent on the incident.

The first reports of the abducted Brahmin girl came to the public two months after the incident, 

 Pakistani court on Thursday reportedly refused to allow the girl to go with her parents and "handed her back to the kidnappers"

This shows how the authorities in Pakistan continue to remain soft on the atrocities committed against the country's Hindu minorities.

There have been several cases of forced conversions, especially of minority Hindu girls,

but governments and politicians in Pakistan have remained silent and done almost nothing to address the issue.

 In Pakistan's population, Muslims make up 97 percent

while Hindus make up around 2 percent, of which nearly 90 percent live in the Hindu-majority Sindh province bordering India.