Apple AirTags used to stalk exes, lawsuit claims

2 women have filed a class action suit against Apple alleging the tech giant's AirTags are "unreasonably dangerous" products that can be used by stalkers

The ex-partners of two women used Apple AirTags to track them by hiding the small devices in a car and a child's backpack, according to a California class action case.

AirTags are small tags that can be attached to personal belongings so that owners can always see them. However, soon after their introduction in April last year, a number of stalking cases showed that they were also being used for nefarious purposes

But a new class-action lawsuit filed by two women and others in San Francisco claims AirTags are the "weapon of choice for stalkers and abusers."

Plaintiff Lauren Hughes, who moved to avoid an ex-boyfriend, said he discovered her new location after placing an AirTag in the well of her car. She said he then posted a photo online of a taco truck in her new neighborhood with a winking emoji and the hashtag "#airt2.0."

A separate, anonymous plaintiff said her estranged husband found her whereabouts after placing an AirTag in their child's backpack. The suit seeks unspecified damages for those who have been tracked by AirTag or are "at risk" of being stalked

Apple did not respond to a request for comment. The company previously said: “AirTag was designed to help people find their personal belongings, not to track another person's people or property, and we strongly condemn any malicious use of our products

Earlier this year, AirTag began showing users a new warning during setup that reads: “Using this item to track people without their consent is a criminal offense in many regions around the world. This item is designed to be discovered by victims and allow law enforcement to request identifying information about the owner.”