Exploring the Diversity of "Mirusviruses" and Their Potential for Future Pandemics,, A new scientific discovery was described in the journal Nature dated 19.04.2023.

Scientists have discoverd viruses that have never been seen before. It's called Mirusvirus,The article reports on a recently identified group of DNA viruses abundant in the Ocean: mirusviruses.

 Myrus means strange. These viruses infected the plankton in the seas. Whether it's the Arctic Ocean or Antarctica.

These viruses are every where. These large groups of myrusviruses are part of Duplodnaviria, These complex organisms were characterized by a team led by the CEA, the CNRS, the Genoscope

Pasteur Institute and other institutions, thanks to the important open data base established from samples collected during the Tara Oceans expedition 

Tom Delmont, a scientist at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), said there was a very different virus

We have never seen a virus like this before. It is a hybrid of two large groups of viruses. Herpes virus on one side and giant virus on the other.