Aries: Shopping is inevitable with Diwali just a week away, but it's important to keep track of where your wallet is as there is a high chance of theft. Work life and health look good. Don't argue with your partner because it can get ugly

Taurus: Your partner will be in a good mood and a single soul may come across an interesting person. Pay attention to your savings and don't let them run out. A headache is indicated, which can spoil your evening. Your hard work will not go to waste.

Gemini: It may happen that a great real estate offer comes your way. Make wise decisions. The atmosphere in your home can make you feel miserable, but a friend can become your knight in shining armor. Migraine or severe headache is assumed.

Cancer: You will receive money and in a way that you least expect. Your health can give away because your body is exhausted. A small problem at work may require your attention. Don't avoid your partner.

Leo: A misunderstanding with a colleague is predictable, but how you deal with it will determine your mood for the rest of the day. Don't ask your partner for advice because it might trigger them. Your savings are fine, just keep adding to them.

Virgo: Everything looks good. Just don't go out during the day, you seem to have some vague health issue if you do.

Libra: A woman in your life will cause a lot of turmoil. It could be a parent, lover or friend. A migraine may add to your troubles today. Keep your wallet safe.

Scorpio: A friendly neighbor can give you advice on some household matters, making you realize your mistake. Don't get involved in office gossip. Wear green today.

Sagittarius: Work life will be light today and your work speed will make time for your love interest. You may face stomach problems. You will burn a hole in your pocket. Migraine is indicated.

Aquarius: You may get a chance to earn extra money, so analyze it before you jump. A stomach ache can dampen your mood today, but your partner or love interest will cheer you up. You will have answers to all problems at work, and this can upset a jealous colleague.

Pisces: Let the day go as it is. Don't think and don't wear red today. The rest seems fine.