Silent Symptoms of Breast Cancer in Females

Feel for Life: Start with a self-check; a lump in the breast or armpit is often the initial sign, detectable by a doctor even before you notice.

Armpit Alert: Swelling near your collarbone could signal spread to lymph nodes. Proactive awareness matters!

Pain Puzzle: Despite lumps being typically painless, some may cause a tingling sensation. Don't ignore the whispers of your body.

Nipple Navigation: Changes like inward pulling, dimpling, burning, or itching may indicate a journey worth investigating.

Shape-shifting Story: Be vigilant for alterations in size, contour, texture, or temperature of your breast. Your body communicates; listen!

Triple-Negative Dynamics: Rapid growth, faster spread—understand and tackle this unique beast in the breast cancer family.

Paget’s Intrigue: Unmasking the subtle signs - crusted skin, discharge, or an inverted nipple. Paget’s whispers amidst the pages.

Inflammatory Symphony: Rare yet impactful, breast warmth, swelling, redness, and nipple anomalies mimic an orchestrated inflammation.

Papillary Riddle: A rare ductal guest with its tiny papules. Watch for hard cysts or bloody discharges as it unveils its mystery.