Uncovering the Historical Significance of Ayodhya's Ram Mandir

India's Towering Marvel: Ayodhya's Ram Mandir is set to stand tall at 161 feet, making it India's largest temple, a colossal testament to divine architecture.

Stone Symphony: Crafted without a trace of iron or steel, the temple boasts a unique construction using copper, white cement, and wood for an enduring legacy in Ayodhya's Ram Mandir

Inscribed Bricks of Legacy: Witness the resurrection of ancient "Ram Shilas," bricks etched with "Shri Ram," some untouched for 30 years, narrating tales of the divine.

Dual-Level Marvel: A two-story spectacle, standing at 128 feet, unfolds the life events of Prabhu Shriram on the ground floor, while the first floor showcases the grand "Ram Darbaar."

Temporal Capsule Secrecy: Delve into the mystery beneath, where a time capsule, buried 2000 feet deep, safeguards the temple's essence, ensuring its story resonates through time.

Construction Milestone: With 60% completion, the Ayodhya Ram Mandir promises to open its gates to devotees by January 2024, a testament to dedication and divine progress.

Spiritual Significance: Ayodhya, synonymous with Prabhu Shriram's ideals, beckons devotees to embrace the city's spiritual aura and connect with the divine.

Diverse Devotion: Whether as Ramlalla, a son, or a friend, Ayodhya welcomes all to worship Prabhu Shriram in their unique way, fostering a sense of universal devotion

Prabhu Shriram's Legacy: Embrace the teachings of Prabhu Shriram through "The Shripad Ramayana Series" Divine Box by India's Best Agarbatti and Dhoop, a blend of tradition and art.

Cultural Fusion: Immerse yourself in the cultural legacy of India through the exquisite "Madhubani Paintings" on the flagship product, echoing the ten life events of Prabhu Shriram.