'What is Twitch Prime?'

Know before you go


Twitch Prime is a Premium membership for Twitch users that comes with Amazon Prime and Prime Video subscriptions

Twitch Prime members get free games, in-game content, free subscriptions to their favorite channels and more

When you subscribe to Twitch Prime, you also get a special badge that appears next to all of your chat messages.

You must have an Amazon Prime or Prime Video account to join Twitch Prime - services cannot be disconnected

Twitch Prime is a monthly subscription service that exists as an offshoot of Amazon Prime. Twitch Prime gives you access to premium content on Twitch that is not accessible to most Twitch users.

What is Twitch Prime 1  Twitch Prime members have their chat messages tagged. William Antonelli/Business Insider

Some emotes, such as KappaHD and FortBush, can only be used by Prime members. They will be listed under the "Unlocked" section of the Emotes menu

Every month, popular games like "League of Legends" and "Warframe" will offer exclusive game content for Prime members, 

Which can include skins, loot boxes, downloadable content and other bonuses. Many Featured Avatar, items change every month

What is twitch prime 2 New in-game loot is released every month. William This in-game loot can be gifted to friends even if they don't have Prime.

You will also be able to choose from a wide variety of free games that can be downloaded and played in minutes.