Anonymous Hacking group issues veiled Video warning to Elon Musk

  • The ‘hacktivist’ group Anonymous have recorded a message aimed at Elon Musk
  • Group express their frustration with the Tesla CEO over his ‘cavalier attitude’ to crypto where tweets from Musk can send the digital currency plunging 
  • Musk’s ‘breakup meme’ tweet on Thursday night sent Bitcoin falling 7% 
  • Anonymous say his tweets show ‘disregard for the average working person’
  • The group essentially implies that Musk isn’t everything he claims to be and issues a veiled warning
  • Anonymous are responsible for some of the biggest digital hacks in history including PayPal and the Church of Scientology

Hacking group Anonymous issues lengthy YouTube threat to Elon Musk for ruining small Bitcoin investors’ dreams

‘Anonymous’ threatens to target billionaire Elon Musk for his manipulation of Bitcoin’s value with his ‘cavalier’ tweets and says he shows ‘disregard for the average working person