CLOSE CALL: Rapid action US police officer saves colleague from out-of-control car


Watch: Quick thinking US police officer saves colleague from out-of-control car

CLOSE CALL: Police in Virginia released footage showing the moment a police officer pulled his colleague out of the way of an out-of-control vehicle

The video showed that impact of the passenger car forced the patrol vehicle off the shoulder of the road towards the conversing officers. Luckily, no one was injured severely.

Thanks to the prompt action of a police officer, a fellow cop was saved from a major accident in the nick of time in the US. Now, the jaw-dropping moment caught on camera has gone viral.
In a video shared by the Gate city police department in Virginia, two officers along with a few civilians were seen standing near a patrol car by the rode and talking. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a white vehicle was seen ramming onto the patrol car in a great speed. However, the male officer’s quick thinking he managed to pull his female colleague to safety, in an untoward situation.
Identifying the two personnel, the police department said officers Jessica McGraw and Matthew Stewart were investigating a crash on Sunday evening on US Highway 23 when the incident happened.In a press release, the law enforcement agency that the driver of the white car seen in the surveillance footage “lost control, crossed the median, and struck the front left side of Officer McGraw’s patrol vehicle.” According to the police department, after the accident the officers checked on the driver of the white car and called for rescue and fire units to respond to the scene.
“The only minor injury reported was from Officer Stewart who stated his leg ‘went numb like I had a bad charley horse’,” a Facebook post by the department read. “Upon review of the dash camera footage it appears the brush guard of officer McGraw’s patrol vehicle brushed against officer Stewart’s leg as he pushed McGraw out of the way,” they explained.
Virginia state police conducted an investigation involving the driver of the white car and later he was “issued a citation for failure to maintain proper control of their vehicle.”
As the clip went viral, hailed the officer as a hero not just saving himself but also his colleague, showing praise on him for his quick response.