Google Drive adds ability to block other users to stop potential harassment


Tech giant Google officially announced that it is rolling out a new feature to block people in Google Drive. In May, the company had said that it will roll out a solution that will address the issue of spam on Google Drive. As per The Verge, Google Drive is now adding the ability for users to block other accounts from sharing files with them, in a move that is designed to prevent potential harassment and spam on the platform. The feature, which is rolling out over the next two weeks, also stops accounts from accessing any files you have shared with them in the past and removes any of their past files from your drive. According to Google’s support page, the option to block a user will appear if you right-click a file that they have shared with you in Drive. There is also an option to unblock users later if you change your mind. It is an important admission that sharing features can easily be abused by bad actors, even when they are a part of a service that is not a traditional social network. The new feature is available for both Google Workspace customers and personal account holders.