Japan: Ropeway in Yokohama city attracts visitors


okohama is a beautiful city that attracts visitors from around the world. Located at a 30 minute distance from Tokyo station, it can also be reached through train from Haneda airport. Tourists enjoy various events and exciting recreational facilities in Yokohama throughout the year. Despite of Covid-19 pandemic, the city has developed another major attraction.

From April, Yokohama city started operation of YOKOHAMA AIR CABIN. This is the 1st ropeway setting in city area. Yokohama air cabin carries passengers from land side Sakuragi station to the harbor area back and forth. Passengers enjoy beautiful scenery from air cabin in their 5 minute ride which is functional from 10 a.m to 10 p.m.

The rope covers a distance of 630 meters one way on a height of 40 meters. It is constructed as barrier free. Along with a barrier free construction, the cabin has a technology that protects from bacteria and viruses. The battery is charged in short waiting terms. Lighting decoration also pleases the eyes.

Every passenger is satisfied overlooking Minato Mirai district which has famous places as Cosmo Clock and Land Mark Tower with floating feeling like a bird. Passenger can enjoy it in the daytime and night time. Yokohama city never stop to stir up visitor’s excitement.