NMCG launches guidance note for urban riverfront planning and development


A book named ‘Guidance Note for Environmentally Sensitive, Climate Adaptive and Socially Inclusive Urban Riverfront Planning and Development’ was launched by NMCG at ‘Connect Karo’ organised by World Resources Institute (WRI), India. The book offers a pathway to look at urban riverfronts as social spaces and thriving ecosystems and collaborate to develop environmentally sensitive, climate adaptive and socially inclusive riverfronts. The book launch was followed by a panel discussion where panellists shared their experiences and learnings in river city planning. The event also showcased a presentation developed by World Resources Institute (WRI) on land protection strategies, managing water resources and riverfront development. Connect Karo is WRI India’s flagship event that brings together Indian and global leaders and policymakers committed to designing inclusive, sustainable and climate forward Indian cities. NMCG has been working on an extensive plan to rejuvenate and keep the Ganga River and its tributaries clean.