Viral Video :Gol gappa vendor mixes urine with its water in Assam’s Guwahati


Unveiling Unsanitary Practices: Guwahati Street Vendor Caught Adding Urine to Pani Puri

Guwahati, Assam – The cleanliness and hygiene of street food have always been a topic of concern, but a recent incident in Guwahati has taken this concern to a new level. A street vendor in the bustling streets of Assam’s capital was caught on camera adding what is claimed to be “urine” to the water used in preparing ‘pani puri,’ a popular street snack. The shocking video, which quickly went viral, has ignited a wave of outrage in cyberspace and among netizens.

In the 20-second clip, the vendor, clad in a yellow apron, can be seen surreptitiously pouring liquid from a mug into a white bucket containing ‘pani puri’ water. The act, believed to involve the vendor’s urine, has left viewers disgusted and questioning the hygiene standards of street food vendors.

Viral Outrage and Swift Action

The video, posted on Twitter by user Mamun Khan on August 20, prompted immediate public outcry. Khan’s caption described the vendor’s actions and highlighted the disturbing use of the contaminated water in ‘pani puri’ preparation. Subsequently, local authorities in Guwahati swiftly took action, arresting the street vendor in question.

Shocking! A street vendor (pani puri seller) has been arrested in Guwahati after a viral sensational video in which he mixed his urine with water and used the same water in Pani Puri. #ViralVideo #Guwahati @ABPNews @ANI @the_viralvideos @ViralPosts5 @indiatvnews @TheQuint @SkyNews — Mamun Khan (@Mk817Khan) August 20, 2021

Previous Instances of Unhygienic Food Practices

This incident in Guwahati is not the first of its kind to surface on social media. In a separate incident last year in Mumbai, a video went viral showing a food vendor using tap water from a railway station toilet to prepare food. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) initiated an inquiry and issued a public warning against the use of such water in food preparation.

In 2018, the Indian Railways imposed a fine of Rs 1 lakh on a vending contractor for serving tea and coffee made with toilet water to passengers on board the Chennai Central-Hyderabad Charminar Express at the Secunderabad station in Hyderabad.

Yet another disturbing incident occurred in Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh in which a man was found spitting on ‘rotis’ before placing them in a tandoor at a wedding. The video of this act surfaced on social media, triggering widespread outrage and leading to the arrest of the individual involved.

Conclusion: A Call for Stringent Oversight

The Guwahati incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges associated with ensuring the hygiene and safety of street food. While the authorities have taken prompt action in this particular case, it highlights the need for ongoing vigilance and strict oversight to prevent such unsanitary practices from endangering public health.

As consumers express their concerns and demand greater accountability from street food vendors, it becomes crucial for regulatory bodies to enforce and regularly monitor hygiene standards. The incident in Guwahati should propel a broader conversation about ensuring the cleanliness and safety of street food across the country.

A street vendor, who was selling gol gappas (pani puris) in Assam’s Guwahati, was caught on camera mixing urine with the water served with the delicacy.