Viral: World War II bomb explodes underwater as navy attempts to defuse it

Viral: World War II bomb explodes underwater as navy attempts to defuse it
Viral: World War II bomb explodes underwater as navy attempts to defuse it

An amazing video capturing the moment a World War II bomb exploded underwater in Poland as the Navy tried to defuse it has gone viral on social media

As per reports, the bomb weighed 5.4 tons was found in September 2019 underneath a waterway leading to the port of Szczecin northwest Poland.

At first the bomb was not inspected and defused immediately upon discovery. Reports found that navy demolition experts attempted to neutralise the bomb on 15 October 2020, more than a year later after it was found.

However, the bomb was not lifted successfully as it went off, causing a huge underwater explosion.

Acoording to Lieutenant Commander Grzegorz Lewandowski said things could’ve been much worse.

Divers were at a safe as the bomb was being defused through remote deflagration. However, more than 750 local residents had to be evacuated from the area near Piast Canal before the operation.

The authorities also imposed a 2.4 km exclusion zone around the bomb.

The video of the blast was first circulated on social media last year. It has gone viral once again.

Watch video:

“The deflagration process turned into detonation. The object can be considered neutralised, it will not pose any more threat to the Szczecin-Swinoujscie shipping channel. All divers were outside the danger zone,” said Commander Lewandowski.

“Only its nose is sticking out. It’s a world first. Nobody has ever defused a Tallboy that is so well preserved and underwater. The bomb is dangerous because it contains a lot of explosives,” he added.RELATED NEWS‘Milk bottles’ dug up in garden turn out to be live bombs from World War II, detonated by bomb disposal squad

A few weeks back, a father-of-three from the UK mistook a World War II live grenade for milk bottles.

James Osborne, who hails from  Bramdean, Hampshire said he noticed the tops of bottles showing out of the dirt when his digger was just scraping away. As the objects were loose, they decided to pull them out and stack them up on the state.

But when they started to smoke, Osborne and his digger realised they were not milk bottles.

Eventually, Osborne managed to dig up two crates of makeshift bombs from the six-acre estate where he usually has bonfires.